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"I love it! Now I can always come home to the best parking space..."
- Aaron P.
Hermosa Beach, CA
"Very nice compact design, nice sturdy construction. Everything seems to be good quality. Works well."
- Sherry C.
Riverdale, GA
"It's a great product and value."
- Taylor B.
Arlington, TX
"I live close to the beach so people were ALWAYS stealing my spot! I was so excited when I saw this. Amazing device."
- Curtis C.
La Jolla, CA
"The best thing about it is the portability and installation. You don't have to hire some construction workers to tear up the road you can just glue the lock down and it works."
- Ruth T.
Boca Raton, FL
"This thing is perfect! The things I looked for were: price (can't be beat), easiness (perfect), and attractive design."
- Mindy U.
Alexandria, VA
"Does what is says. Might buy one for the office."
- Russel P.
Oak Park, IL
"To start with, let me say thank you for making this. I always wanted something like this but didn't know where to get it. Works perfectly."
- Candace R.
New Haven, CT
"Excellent quality and easy setup. The remote is small enough to just keep in your car door."
- June C.
Staten Island, NY
"Simple and reliable solution. No complaints."
- Leo F.
Beverly Hills, CA
"This works so much better than the tenant parking signs."
- Gayle S.
Santa Barbara, CA
"Came quickly and worked right out of the box."
- Adrian D.
Clearwater, FL
"My wife used to block two spots with her car, just to make sure that we would have parking for both. It was insane! This is worth twice the price."
- Irvin M.
West Los Angeles, CA
"I like how the remote works from far away so you don't even have to wait."
- Diana L.
Charleston, SC