In order to prevent theft it is recommended, but not required, that each Parking Spot Saver be fastened to the ground with the included security latch.

Easy Installation

Step 1. Position the security latch in the center of the parking spot (not at the front).

Step 2. Fasten the security latch to the ground with either the included screws and anchors or PL Premium adhesive (available at checkout)

Step 3. Place the Parking Spot Saver over the security latch, sliding the latch through the slot in the Parking Spot Saver's baseplate.

Step 4.Fasten the included padlock to the security latch.

Removable Design

The Parking Spot Saver can be easily removed from the parking spot when not needed. Simply unlock the padlock and lift it off the security latch.

Folding Latch

The security latch will neatly fold down, out of the way, when not in use.